Rap vs Sahidulla mere demolition job — official PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 19 April 2013 11:08

A top political official in the Sulu province denounced that the Arson case against a municipal mayor, who is also the leading candidate in the gubernatorial race in the same province, is politically motivated and nothing but a mere malevolent ploy to smear the image and derail the campaign of the gubernatorial bet.

Sulu 2nd District Rep. Nur-Ana “Lady Ann” Sahidulla said the Arson charge against her husband Tongkil Mayor Abdulwahid Sahidulla is a “demolition job” by influential political opponents aimed to disrupt the campaign and political aspirations of her husband. Mayor Sahidulla was shown to be the “most loved” and leading candidate for governor in a recent survey done in the province.

She explained that the basis for the Arson case was a legitimate police and military operation against a group of heavily-armed men who were sowing chaos in Tongkil municipality way back in 2007. A case relative to the incident was filed against Ridwan Omar and other suspects before the Commission on Elections for violations of the gun ban and Election Laws. The case is still pending before the Comelec. On the other hand, the Arson charge which stemmed from the same incident was filed with the prosecutors office only last December 12, 2012.

Omar is the chief complainant in the Arson case. He is running for mayor in the municipality of Tongkil and an ally of incumbent Sulu Governor Sakur Tan, who is a political rival of the Sahidullas in the coming May elections.

Congresswoman Sahidulla questioned the timing and the motive of the filing of the case in court considering that there is still an issue crucial to the case pending before the Department of Justice. In fact, an urgent petition has already been filed before DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima.

The political motivation is apparent in the Arson case because one of the witnesses is Tongkil mayoralty candidate Abdulajid Sahidulla Alih, who is running against the son of Mayor Sahidulla, but the former was disqualified by the Comelec for failure to meet the residence requirement.

The speed at which this case was resolved by the provincial prosecutors relative to other cases pending before the office is incredible. Moreover, the case was filed on March 13, 2012, in the midst of the election season, and a warrant of arrest was immediately issued on the same day without furnishing a copy of the prosecutor’s resolution to the counsel of Mayor Sahidulla.

Cong. Sahidulla said that all this suggests that the whole process is tainted, and that an influential sinister hand is behind this plot. “Clearly, our political opponents are desperate. You can see that they are willing to resort to dirty tactics and evil political maneuvers to get ahead.”

“But the people of Sulu can see through their smokescreen. They are calling for genuine change and are fed up by propagandas and dishonest campaign tactics. They see this case for what it truly is: the handiwork of a politician drunken by political power. One who knows no bounds and will resort to illegal means to advance his personal political interest,” the congresswoman said.