Fuerza rallies in Curuan, Ayala, Bungiao attract big crowds PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 19 April 2013 11:10

Fuerza Zamboanga, with mayoralty aspirant Erbie A. Fabian, running mate Atty. Luis Climaco and congress 2nd district bet Lilia Macrohon Nuño at the forefront continued reaching out to the people at the grassroots level and deliver the Fuerza message of change, political will to resolve the pressing problems besetting the city and its agenda to move Zamboanga forward in the years ahead.

The nightly Fuerza Zamboanga rallies drew big crowds as the blue clad group hit the barangays of Ayala, Curuan and Bunguiao as the groundswell of support continues for the underdog team.

“I am overwhelmed by the great outpouring of support of barangay folk where ever we go as they come voluntarily and take time out to listen patiently to what we have to say and offer night after night,” Fabian who is on his last term as 2nd district Rep. said.

“They understand why we are espousing for a change in leadership after we pointed out the present situation and the attendant problems we are faced with especially encouraged by our desire to impose political will on major decisions we will have to make to get us over the hump,” Fabian added.

‘Going straight to the grassroots and doing house to house campaign sorties indicate we are sincere in getting the true pulse of the people and listening to what they have to say. I have always maintained government must listen to what the people have to say and work from there to address their needs,” he explained.

Fabian in the nightly rallies, points out the outstanding qualifications of his group mates from Vice Mayor bet Atty. Luis Climaco, a 15 year veteran of the city council, Congress bet and City Councilor Lilia Macrohon Nuno, a consistent topnotcher in two previous elections for a council seat in the east coast, and the Fuerza council slate.

“Man for Man Fuerza Zamboanga stands by the credentials of our candidates who in their own rights, have rose to positions of great responsibility and their track records are exemplary,” Fabian added.

“It has come to this point and this election will be crucial to find out whether the people want genuine change or remain with the status quo, as we say we represent the face of change in this election, tThe Fuerza mayoralty bet said.

The main issues confronting the city is still the crippling blackouts, the unstable peace and order condition and the excessive collection of fees and taxes, matters which continue to take a heavy toll on the people and the city’s desire to move forward, according to Fabian.

“It is high time the people will know the real score and this we address in our nightly rallies so they can decide for themselves on whom to vote come May 13,”Fabian emphasized. — Fuerza Zamboanga Media Bureau