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Saturday, 20 April 2013 11:13

Team Fuerza Zamboanga will continue to conduct its campaign sorties as before, opting to take the high moral ground and just focus on issues, amidst heightened attacks from its rivals the past few days.

Fuerza Zamboanga standard bearer and mayoralty bet Erbie A. Fabian reiterated on its promise at the start of the campaign it will stick to the issues at hand and present the group’s agenda in seeking solutions to the pressing problems confronting the city.

“There is no need to resort to black propaganda, all the people want to hear is a coherent platform, which I think we have in our 10-point agenda, that can offer solutions to the problems at hand like the prevailing power crisis, the unstable peace and order condition of the city and the excessive collection of taxes and fees,”said  Fabian.

“We will not resort to that as this election is about issues and capability of candidates seeking the various posts contested,” the solon added. We have maintained,our candidates under Fuerza Zamboanga we believe are, man-to-man, the better candidates who can win on their own merits because of their outstanding credentials and integrity.

“From running mate and vice mayoralty bet Atty. Luis Climaco, to our candidate for 2nd district representative, Councilor Lilia Macrohon-Nuno to our bets for the city council from incumbent councilor Atty. Mel Sadain, former NCIP Commissioner and popular columnist Mike Apostol, to former Deputy Police Chief HadoEdding and Supt. Joe Bernardo, former deputy of the PNP Aviation Security Command here, in the first district to respected and noted surgeon Dr. Bonjing Feliciano, Cabaluay Barangay chieftain MakoApolinario, former 3-term councilor Gerry Acuna, retired Radyong Bayan anchorman Roseller Enriquez, former Ateneo Professor Dr. LitoDepositario and local Transport President Ed Mingala in the east coast, we believe we have assembled a capable lineup worthy of the people’s trust and confidence,” Fabian stressed.

“But above all every night in our rallies, we take the stage and tell the people the truth without any intent on besmirching anybody or group, and we think the people deserve to know the real score,” Fabian said. “Its battle cry for change, and its 10-point agenda as the fulcrum of its plans for the city, will help anchor the group’s campaign to win the people over to its side and support team Fuerza Zamboanga to victory.”

“At the end of the day, the people will not be coerced, intimidated or bought into voting for a candidate or group as the city voting populace is one of the most intelligent in the country and will not be swayed from their mandate in voting the right candidates this May 13, and this we have total confidence in,”  Fabian said.

Meanwhile barangays Sinunuc in the west coast and Lunzuran in the east continued the growing groundswell of support as they welcomed Team Fuerza Zamboanga into their barangays last Thursday and yesterday.

People from all walks of life came out of their houses to meet the candidates who barnstormed the two barangays in a hectic daily house to house campaign.

Evenings, the group hold a rally where candidates expound on their agenda for the city in the next 3 years.

These followed mammoth crowds in Curuan, Ayala, and Bungiao where barangay folk came on their own accord to listen to the group during rallies.

“The people’s great response to our visits give us much inspiration to work even harder on the campaign trail, vice mayoral bet Atty. Luis Climaco said.

“We take this as a gesture of acceptance and support from the good people of the barangays we visited and held rallies in that they believe in us,” Council bet Dr. Lito Depositario said. — FuerzaZamboanga Media Bureau