Putik folks all out for Beng-Itu-Jomar, T-PNoy PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 April 2013 11:15

Residents of Putik Thursday night demonstrated all out support to local Team PNoy District II candidates, as they mobbed the party’s rally staying on from the start until the finale number.

Mayoralty aspirant Beng Climaco-Salazar expressed gratitude to the constituents of Putik for the overwhelming attendance to the Team PNoy rally in the area, as she urged the electorate to convert the show of support to actual votes come May 13, 2013.

“Maskin pa yo talla na District 1, el asistencia por medio de medisina ta llega asta aqui na Districto II. Si Beng como un nana y mujer ta hace todo el manera y ta aloca fondo de gobierno para na maga proyecto y programa esencial y hinde lang para na fonda,” Climaco-Salazar, the frontrunner in the mayoralty race declared.

Aside from the over P2Billion worth of infrastructure projects, P35M health services not only for District I but District II as well and TESDA livelihood trainings. Climaco-Salazar said she is concluding her term as 1st district representative with an additional P5M for social services, P5M for medical assistance and P5M for scholarships.

Barangay officials of Putik and the residents were one in saying that their show of support to the party is a manifestation of their appreciation and gratitude to the administration for the many projects implemented in the barangay that are greatly benefiting the constituents.

“El administracion di Mayor Celso Lobregat con el suporta del maga consejal y tambien di Ma’am Beng Climaco bien manada proyecto ya dale aqui na Putik como maga escuela, el barangay hall, slope protection y road concreting y tiene pa maga ongoing ara. Este maga proyecto ta implimenta na maga lugar hinde ta escuji Muslim o Christian,”,chairman Gerry Perez said eliciting wide applause from the constituents.

During calamities such as flashfloods, Perez said, Mayor Lobregat and city officials under the executive department are the first to respond to the needs of the victims, he said, as he likewise thanked Cong. Climaco for unselfishly assisting Putik constituents who seek her medical assistance even if she is supposed to assist only District I constituents.

“Ta imbidia kita kay na otro lao (Distrito Uno) si Ma’am Beng ta pone gayot proyecto poreso na Mayo trese conele came bota para mayor cay sabe came si ele talli na puesto ele ay usa enbuenamente conel fondo y continua el buen trabajo di Mayor Lobregat,” Conception Santiago, a resident said.

Mayor Lobregat, who is Team PNoy’s bet for Congress in District I, attended the Putik rally where he also endorsed the District II candidates. He likewise took the opportunity to thank the residents of Putik for giving him the honor and privilege to serve the city as mayor not only for one term but for 3 terms.

Adding spice to the rally Thursday night was the presence of singers Rico J. Puno, Anthony Castelo and Renz Verano. — Rey Carbonel