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Saturday, 20 April 2013 11:16

The Lamitan City Peace and Order Council chaired by Mayor Roderick “Oric” Furigay yesterday passed a resolution, during an emergency meeting, condemning in the strongest form the twin bombings  Thursday night and the gun attack that wounded two persons including the mayor’s brother Henry Furigay.

No one was hurt in the first explosion that occurred outside the residence of Lamitan Vice Mayor Arleigh Eisma at Barangay Maganda and at the second explosion which occurred in front of  church in Barangay Colonia.

Investigation revealed that the perpetrators have used improvised explosive device (IED), which are similar to the bomb that exploded right at the gate of Mayor Furigay’s house sevceral years ago.

In the same meeting, the Lamitan CPOC by way of another resolution sponsored by Councilor Boy Puri urged the Police Provincial Office and the military for the immediate augmentation of men in uniform in Lamitan to prevent similar incidents which some sectors are trying to connect to Lamitan politics.

According to Furigay, authorities are now looking into several angles like extortion, diversionary tactics due to the ongoing military operations in Tipo-Tipo, politics and the involvement of another party, as to the motive of the twin bombings.

“I ask my political rivals to help in the solution of the crime rather than aggravating it by trying to pinpoint a certain political group without any basis,” the last term mayor and now aspiring for the vice mayoralty post said in a mobile phone interview.

Furigay said he was really disappointed when his group was accused as responsible for the shooting incident that wounded his own elder brother Henry and cousin Bernard Cuevas.

“We may have different sentiments because his son (Hegem Furigay) is running for mayor against my wife (Rosita Furigay)… but to create a scenario that will almost put the life of Kuya Nonong (Henry) in danger is something I can’t bear in my conscience,” Mayor Furigay said.

Just like in the shooting incident last week, Furigay’s camp is again being accused of the twin bombings by a certain group whom he believed belonging to a third party that is only taking advantage of the situation with the objective of creating havoc in Lamitan.

“I’m very much worried now. We don’t know what this group is thinking. Maybe after attacking my rivals, they will also attack me for the people to blame my political rivals. That’s why, I urge everybody to be very vigilant. Let’s put our acts together in order to stop this silliness,” Furigay said as he also urged candidates to keep their campaign sorties on a high level.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor and mayoralty aspirant Arleigh Eisma also condemned the incident as cowardly act by desperate individuals who planted the improvised explosive device on his vehicle parked in front of his house.

Eisma is running for mayor against Rosita Furigay, the wife of incumbent Lamitan Mayor Roderick Furigay - who is on his third and last term as mayor - and is also running for vice mayor; Councilman Hegem Furigay, the mayor’s nephew.

Two others – Mario Mammang and Masandal Sahal – are also running for mayor.

The twin attacks came even as police launched a manhunt for gunmen who shot and wounded three people, including Henry Furigay, the father of the councilman who is also the mayor’s nephew.

Police said the gunmen attacked the elder Furigay and his driver Bernard Cuevas and another supporter on April 13 in the village of Limook and escaped on a motorcycle after the shooting.

The victims were going to a political meeting when the attack occurred.

No individual or group claimed responsibility for the attack, but Eisma said they have already identified some suspects.

Eisma admitted that he has been receiving threats since before even prior to his election as vice mayor many years back.

Asked if the incident affects his election sortie, Eisma replied: “This gives me far more or eagerness to campaign.”—Jimmy Villaflores with report from  HG.