Furigay back as mayor after 90-day suspension PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 11:51

After serving a 90-day preventive suspension, Lamitan Mayor Roderick H. Furigay returned to office yesterday on order of Basilan Governor Jum Akbar.

In her Letter dated January 24, 2011, Governor Akbar directed Furigay to resume his function as mayor of Lamitan effective January 25, 2011 after serving the preventive suspension as ordered in criminal case No. SB-CRM-0306.

At exactly 8:30 yesterday morning, Furigay reported to office with the department heads and city government employees giving him a warm welcome by celebrating his first day of office with a Muslim thanksgiving called “Salamat Duwaa”.

Another thanksgiving program has been scheduled on Saturday by Furigay’s family, the Cuevas-
Pamaran-Antonio Clan, supporters and family friends.

“I really miss my challenging task as mayor of this beautiful town. My resumption into office means another task for the Lamiteños,” Furigay said as he expressed gratitude to the Lamiteños for the warm welcome.

The three-term mayor also thanked the acting mayor, Vice-Mayor Arleigh Eisma, for doing his best while he (Furigay) was away for three months.

“I know that it is Him above who decided everything for me and for Lamitan. As if it was intentionally done for me to be with my family especially during Christmas. It was indeed, in some way, a blessing for me to be stronger and decisive as leader of this town,” the God fearing mayor said.

Municipal Hall employees described Furigay as a leader who never turn his back on responsibilities and “he is a leader who makes sure that everybody in his place is safe and sound.”

As priorities, Furigay said he will continue to look for funds, either through grant or aid from foreign countries, to help them finance vital projects in Lamitan.
At present, the expansion of Lamitan wharf is underway through the help of JICA and a little counterpart from the LGU. 

Furigay’s suspension has something to do with good intention to introduce development in Lamitan by hiring the expertise of former Isabela City Mayor Oswaldo Pioquinto to assist the local government unit in revising its revenue code that would lead to the development of the municipality.

Furigay, who was then in his fresh term as the chief executive of Lamitan, paid Pioquinto the amount of more than P19, 000 for the exemplary service he shared to the Lamiteños.
However, Furigay’s political detractors saw the transaction (Pioquinto)  as anomalous and brought it to the Ombudsman’s office.

Furigay expressed optimism that the case will finally be put to rest “for I did it with clear conscience and everything is covered with proper papers.” — Jimmy Villaflores