‘The strength is in the people’ — Fabian PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 April 2013 11:24

“The people is where the strength of a nation and for this matter the city resides and we find true inspiration in harnessing that strength hopefully into something positive if the people’s mandate go our way on May13,” said Fuerza Zamboanga mayoralty aspirant Erbie A. Fabian.

“Fuerza Zamboanga is not a party but a group of independent minded individuals who believe in serving the city and its people with honesty, integrity and capability and we are not saying we have the monopoly of strength in any which way it applies but rather we derive strength from our people, who are our inspiration in our quest to serve our beloved City of Zamboanga,” Fabian said.

‘Everywhere we go people we meet are glad to see us and offer words of encouragements, come to our rallies voluntarily and listen to what we say and go home satisfied that indeed here is a group that stands four- square and solid  in their 10-point agenda to push for peace, progress and prosperity,” Fabian added.

“We want to harness that strength and become the instruments to give back to the people what they truly deserve a government that listens, that responds to their needs, that delivers on its promise of a peaceful, progressive and prosperous city,” he stressed.

“In this case, we both become strong deriving strength from one another in a congruent partnership to push our agenda forwards,” the solon from Mercedes’ added.

Fabian said that by literal definition, Fuerza Zamboanga is strength of Zamboanga and everyone is free to conjure what it means to them “if our group and what we stand for jives with what their expectations are for their next set of city officials.”

“Ours is we want Zamboanga to stand strong once again, proud and ambitious, hardworking and achieving our dreams and aspirations as a people of diverse beliefs, ethnicity, orientations but bound by a common purpose, this is what we stand for, this is Fuerza Zamboaga,” Fabian emphasized. — Fuerza Zamboanga Media Bureau