Atilano foresees redemption over brownout woes PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 April 2013 11:31

Team PNoy District 1 Council aspirant Elbert “Bong” Atilano said people are gradually realizing the intricacies of the power problem and that the issue has boomeranged on detractors.

Atilano, who has been the subject of ridicule from the opposition for the power crisis affecting the city, said thorough clarification of the issue has made the different sectors recognize the efforts he has exerted as the former Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) board president.

“Ahora bien sabe ya el maga jente si cun quien debe disculpa por este maga black-out, y kame na Team Pnoy no hay culpa, sinu aquellos maga quien pirmi ta disculpa que disculpa canamon del Alcalde (Celso) Lobregat,” Atilano confidently declared.

Atilano said during their campaign sorties in 21 of the 37 barangays in District 1 as of Saturday, last week, they have candidly explained to the people, how this present brownout mess arrived at its present status.

“Siempre, ta explica came canila, que si no hay opone que opone el maga de oposisyon con el maga solusyon que ta propone el Zamcelco de antes, no hay quita llega en este clase de situasyon,” the former Zamcelco president narrated.

Another issue that the party constantly brings to the attention of the electorate is the botched attempt of the opposition to bring in an out-of-town candidate to run for mayor. The said out-of-town candidate was eventually disqualified by the Comelec due to his perpetual and absolute disqualification brought about by his conviction in a rape case.

Atilano said, aware of the real situation, the electorate from the 1st district have pledged en masse, to vote for all Team PNoy candidates on May 13, starting from mayoralty aspirant Beng Climaco-Salazar, re-electionist Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, congressional bet, outgoing Mayor Celso Lobregat, and council aspirants Myra Abubakar, Noning Biel, Gerky Valesco, Dats Sampang, Charlie Mariano, Violy Alejandro, Tito Espiritusanto, and himself. — PA