Jomar scores opposition on shooting incidents PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 11:12

Team Pnoy District 2 congressional aspirant Jomar Lobregat, yesterday defended both the City Government and the local police force from mounting criticisms over the spate of shooting incidents that has been besetting the City for days now.

Jomar, specifically, pointed to the chronological effort of opposition groups in attributing these incidents to Mayor Celso Lobregat’S alleged lapses purposely to discredit the mayor’s administration and ultimately weaken the latter’s bid for Congress in District 1.

“Whenever crimes occur, one of the available tactics of the opposition, is to blame the administration,” Jomar stressed.

But the younger Lobregat says, “life goes on, while candidates are busy campaigning for votes, criminal elements are just there, waiting to score on their enemies, mostly, over personal grudges, so there’s nobody to blame except these lawless ones, who prefer to take the law into their hands, rather than bring their cases to court or any other proper forum”.

Lobregat was reacting to the opposition’s successive media statements, blaming the present administration for the unabated shooting incidents.

According to Lobregat, it is neither the mayor nor the police’ fault, but those of criminal minds who do not care to respect the country’s justice system.

While he appeals for residents to immediately report to authorities the presence of suspicious individuals in their localities, Jomar also calls on those who begrudge others, to refer their cases to proper forum for a peaceful solution of the same.

“That is why, one of my advocacIES is to teach respect, so that people will have to trust and accept patiently, the system of justice, without resorting to extra judicial means of solving their problems”, the businessman-turned politician said.

Meanwhile, Jomar vows that once elected congressman, he would use a substantial part of his countryside development fund (CDF) to help augment the local police’ logistics, in terms of firearms and equipment, “as this is to fulfill my other advocacy, to help uplift the city’s peace and order condition”.

The proposed program, Lobregat said is to complement the City Government’s massive assistance to public safety which Mayor Lobregat continuously implemented since improving the city’s finances. — PA