Grassroots support for Fuerza snowballs PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 11:16

More and more people are becoming convinced there is a need for change in leadership as crowds come in droves and readily welcome to their places Team Fuerza Zamboanga, two weeks into the campaign period.

Team Fuerza Zamboanga has pushed on with its grueling house-to-house campaign in the barangays of Ayala, Sinunuc and Tulungatung, in the west coast and the barangays of Curuan, Bunguiao, Lunzuran and Tetuan in the east drawing bigger and bigger crowds to the campaign sorties and rallies of the blue-clad team of Mayoralty aspirant Erbie A. Fabian, Vice Mayor bet Atty. Luis Climaco and congressional candidate for District II Lilia Macrohon Nuno.

Ñor Tony od Lunzuran said he is now convinced Team Fuerza Zamboanga and Mayor bet Erbie A. Fabian has what it takes to resolve the problems of the city.

Mananf Amelia in Bunguiao said Team Fuerza with Councilor Lilia Nuno and some council bets are sincere in helping care for the poor and ready to provide assistance to whoever is in need of.

Several Curuan folks said they are pinning their hopes on Fabian and his team as the group that can help resolve the peace and order condition in the city.

They say Curuan located near the city’s border needs to feel better protected by their leaders and the presence of retired police officers Hado Edding and Joe Bernardo in the Fuerza fold is an indication the team has the capability of delivering on its pledge to eradicate criminality and restore peace and stability in the city.

Team Fuerza Zamboanga has continued on conducting rallies and campaign sorties sticking to its pledge of focusing on the key issues at hand and desisting from black propaganda, as the campaign period heats up.

Fabian, Atty. Climaco and Councilor Lilia Nuno have insisted on presenting the issues directly to the people and expound on their 10-point agenda and people have been responding favorably, a Fuerza campaign official noted.

“We have maintained this year’s election will be issues centered and it will not be about personalities, as the people want to hear how we will address these problems besetting us now,” Fabian stressed.

Fabian the titular head of the group, takes the lead in expounding nightly the merits of the group’s 10-point agenda stressing Fuerza Zamboanga has drawn up a coherent, all-encompassing program that the group will pursue.

“These are not empty promises but rather a pledge, as we are committed to undertake these if given the mandate by the people,” he said.

“I think the people are realizing now that we came to the campaign prepared and we have a road map to peace, progress and prosperity for the city that is doable, practical and workable,” Fabian added. “Ma‘am Lilia, Atty. Luis and myself are bound by our pledge to the people to see these through if and when we get elected into office by the people’s mandate. I maintain we are driven to serve the people of Zamboanga and work for what is best for the majority, and we are getting a clearer picture of what needs to be done, as the people come to us, listen to us and dialogue with us on what they feel we should do to help them,” Fabian said. — Fuerza Zamboanga Media Bureau