Politics divides Subanens in Bayog, ZS Print
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 14:26


The once peaceful Subanen tribe living harmoniously in Bayog, Zamboanga del Sur  is now divided and fighting among themselves due to political reason, a police official said.

In an interview,  Sr. Insp. Gaspar Gadingan, chief of police of Bayog, expressed concern over the recent development in the said town as members of the Subanen tribe are engaged in a conflict.

The cause of the conflict are politicians who started to embed in the community using tribe leaders as their followers in exchange for promises of better life. This has triggered disunity among the tribe leaders and members which have reportedly ended in some harassments on leaders from separate factions.

Last Sunday, about 2:30 p.m., the house of a tribal leader identified as Edrilie Equit, 29, a farmer, of Liba, Bayog, was burned by some 15 armed men. The tribal leader reportedly accused another tribal group supporting certain candidates as responsible for the arson.

Police are thinking of holding a dialogue among the members and leaders of the tribe to encourage them not to resort to violent actions to avoid further division among their own tribe.

Police however said that they are ready to respond if violence would escalate especially on the day of the election. —  Noning R. Antonio


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