Smear campaign vs Sahidulla hit PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 April 2013 11:08

In what appears to be an intensified campaign against the reputation of UNA-PDP-Laban gubernatorial bet for Sulu Abdulwahid O. Sahidulla, several supporters of the latter have reportedly been the target of political harassment and undue threats as election draws near, with the intention of coercing them to withdraw their support for Sahidulla, who is also the incumbent Mayor of Tongkil, now renamed Banguingui municipality.

“Such tactics smack of desperation on the part of Mayor Sahidulla’s opponents,” his lawyers said.

The lawyers said, in particular, it was reported that a number of bogus and spurious subpoenas and inquest resolutions were issued to several supporters of Mayor Sahidulla with fictitious charges of Arson and Multiple Murder. One such subpoena was issued to Almakin A. Muin of Bgy. Tattalan in Tongkil on April 15, 2013 obliging him to appear before the Regional Trial Court in Jolo, Sulu to answer such bogus charges.

The subpoena was issued and signed by a certain Atty. Jonas Mendres, who appears to be misrepresenting as Provincial Prosecutor for Sulu province.

However, upon verification by the camp of Mayor Sahidulla, it was found out that there is no prosecutor in Sulu by the name of Attorney Mendres and that such name does not even appear in the roll of lawyers in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines-ZambaSulTa Chapter, according to Sahidulla’s legal counsels.

“Apparently, this recent tactics and spurious accusations of Arson against several supporters of Mayor Sahidulla are closely connected to the charges of Arson filed against the latter to which the Warrant of Arrest have been issued last March 15, 2013 by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 25 Judge Alsad Alfad, Jr.,” the lawyers said.

Mayor Sahidulla on his part had repeatedly and vehemently denied his involvement in the Sigumbal Incident which occurred sometime in 2007 when 200 heavily armed men from “Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)” reportedly occupied Banguingui town and tried to take over the municipal hall which resulted in a firefight with government forces. He reiterated that he was in Zamboanga City when the attack happened more than six years ago which were completely neutralized by Banguingui policemen and Civilian Volunteer Organizations (CVO).

According to him, these charges were merely fabricated and baseless accusation meant for political harassment and that he is ready to answer and face the charges against him in court. Residents of Saguimbal who were victims of the attack are now flooding the prosecutors’ office of Sulu, disproving the accusations of burning and testifying that they are in fact thankful to the PNP-Banguingui who defended them from the lawless elements from the municipality of Luuk and other islands.