Erbie, Fuerza assure urban poor amidst threats of eviction PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 April 2013 11:12

Mayoralty aspirant Erbie A. Fabian assured several restive urban poor leaders in the city, they will be protected and shielded from possible eviction from their  lands even as he decried alleged veiled threats made by officials of the local housing division to urban poor dwellers if they were not going to support certain candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Fabian and his party mates said this practice is uncalled for and low handed tactics to coerce the large urban poor sector in a brazen show of partisan politics.

Fabian after being told of such threats by urban poor dwellers in area they have visited to campaign in said Team Fuerza Zamboanga is now looking at these allegations for possible action to be taken.

He meanwhile assured urban poor dwellers they have rights protected by law and no one can take back their dwellings and the land titled to them or else they can be charged for violating the law and the human rights of urban poor dwellers.

“I have supported the urban poor in the city and in fact helped organize resettlement areas for them in the city, and we at Fuerza didn’t think of coercing anybody to vote for us or else…’ the solon said.

On the other hand, Fabian said his team will work for an urban poor social program that will address relocated dwellers beyond housing needs alone and empower the urban poor sector of the city to be a more productive and participatory sector of our local society.

‘They are as much Zamboangueños as the rest of us, and as such are entitled to same equal attention from government beyond just their housing needs. They need social integration program, livelihood and benefits required from us in government regardless of race, gender, age, political beliefs and persuasions,” the solon added.

“This is unfortunate if true, that officials are black balling a vulnerable sector of our community and they should stop this in the name of decency,” the Fuerza mayoralty bet said.

“Let the people decide who they wish to support, after all they will make that decision themselves no matter what we resort to. People still believe strongly in their freedom of choice,” Fabian added. — Fuerza Zamboanga Media Bureau