Lanao mayor hurt, 12 others killed in ambush Print
Saturday, 27 April 2013 11:24

The mayor of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte was wounded, while 12 others were killed when gunmen opened fire on their two vehicles as they were going back to the center of Nunungan after a campaign sortie in the town’s outskirt Thursday night.

Nunungan Mayor Abdulmalik Manamparan was among eight wounded, along with two relatives. Among those killed in the ambush was his 32-year-old daughter, Adnanie Manamparan.

Lt. General Rey Ardo, Western Mindanao Command chief, said the motive of the ambush was “rido aggravated by politics” in Nunungan and the nearby town of Pecong.

Mayor Manamparan told newsmen that his group finished its campaign sortie in Malaig around 4 p.m. and shortly, after they left Malaig for poblacion, armed men appeared and opened fire at the dump truck loaded with his supporters.

“An undetermined number of armed men fired toward our dump truck where we were on board and I was at the front seat,” he said.

“The dump truck and another vehicle were full of civilians, including students who were on vacation and relative of my candidates who joined the campaign,” Manamparan added.

He urged the National Government to investigate the incident, which “victimized women and innocent children.”

“Ang ‘rido’ ay para sa kalalakehan lang,” Manamparan said.

Asked if it is politically related, Manamaparan declined to comment.

Manamparan, whose term as mayor ends this year, is running for vice mayor under the Nationalist People’s Coalition in the coming May 2013 elections. His son, who is running for mayor, was not in the convoy during the attack, security officials said.

The military under the Army’s 35th Infantry sent troops to the ambush site and retrieved the fatalities and wounded civilians, while several ambulance vehicles waited in Sapad, a lowland municipality before Nunungan, since the road is not conducive for travel for light vehicles.

“More army troops were deployed to track down the perpetrators in coordination with the PNP (Philippine National Police),” said Brig. Gen. Daniel Lucero, commander of the Army’s 1st Infantry Division.

Lucero said the Army initiated a peace covenant and rido settle settlement in the province “but apparently broke down during the campaign period.”

“Army units in other areas of Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur were ordered to take preemptive measures to prevent the escalation or spillover of rido in their areas,” he said.

The wounded civilians were brought to nearby hospital in Barangay Maranding in Lala town, also in Lanao del Norte, and in Sanitarium hospital in Iligan City.

Killed in the ambush were Adnanie Manamparan, 32; Baobi Manamparan, 25; Sadam Manamparan, 23; Johani Bantuas, 21; Sami Sanayon, 21; Baby Dimasangcay, 16; Lala Diamrang, 54; Apipa Mamantuc, 18; Saidona Mamantuc, 52; Hamdan Mamantuc, 18; Alinor Mamantuc, 19; and Maliha Sultan, 17.

Wounded were Amera Manamparan Labe, 15; Wilfredo Vega, 44; PO1 Frenel Laguting, 24; Lili Macaraya, 16; Noaman Watamama, 17; Aiman Dimasangcay, 15; and Nobaisa Otto, 19.