Basic social services first —Mike Apostol Print
Saturday, 27 April 2013 11:25

There is great disparity in the development of the many urban poor resettlements in the city proper and the barangays of District 1, as to the living conditions, basic facilities and horizontal infrastructures like subdivision roads, that cannot escape the observation of any visitors to these urban poor communities even without the complaints coming from the officers and beneficiaries of these resettlements, according to Fuerza Zamboanga Council aspirant Mike S. Apostol.

Apostol noted during their house-to-house campaign sorties the blatant disparity of government support to these “urban poor re-settlements” that need immediate government assistance to thwart social problems in the future.

“Local Government of Zamboanga City must also immediately listen and look for solutions to the seemingly inhuman living conditions of some urban poor communities in the city proper and barangays of the west coast which may one day be a “breeding ground” of organizations that capitalize on “people’s miseries” to go against the government,” Apostol said.

He also noted and shared similar observations of urban poor residents that some “government appointed” administrators of these settlements are going out of their assigned task by applying their own rules and regulations to the detriment of many poor residents of these communities.

“In the urban poor re-settlement of Tulungatung, for example, the beneficiaries are complaining on the strict implementation of “house rules” by the administrator of their urban poor settlement that the administrator enforces with “iron fist” with unequal treatment to some favored beneficiaries”, Apostol said. “What makes it worse is basic facilities like water and the condition of the roads inside the settlement is unbearable”.

“The barangay government of Tulungatung is helpless to assist the poor residents since it is a combined national and local government project,” he said.

Apostol compared the basic facilities and infrastructures of some urban poor settlements in the city that were earlier organized and noted the stark difference, as an example.

The Luyahan Urban Poor project in Barangay Pasonanca that was developed by phases, basic facilities like water and light are in-place and even government centers are constructed but in many urban poor settlements in the city proper and barangays in District 1 like Tumaga, Sto. Nino, Canelar, Labuan and Camino Nuevo are years away in development,” Apostol said.

Apostol urged his party mates to look into this problem to hasten development in the city and “also not to over-burdened the city yearly budget for social services which eats up a big chunk of the city’s budget every year and ever since,” said the former Secretary to the Mayor. — FZ Media Bureau