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Sunday, 28 April 2013 14:32

The Movement for Sustainable Good Governance (MSGG) confidently predicts a landslide victory for the Liberal Party in Sulu province and debunked published claims of an opinion poll that the administration candidates are trailing in voters’ preference just barely three weeks before the May 13, 2013 elections.

Composed of multi-sectoral groups from Sulu and all over Mindanao, the MSGG has closely followed developments of candidates’ winnability and acceptability since the start of the campaign for both national and local elective positions.

The MSGG, which strongly propagates the reform and good governance agenda of President Benigno Aquino III especially in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, has neither noted a seesaw nor a decline in the LP candidates’ credibility and acceptability especially in Sulu province.

It has always been an up and steady trend for the LP bets in Sulu leading to the polls, the MSGG notes. While taking observance of the efforts being put up by opposition parties in Sulu, the MSGG’s poll updates show Governor Abdusakur Tan’s LP slate enjoying wide and comfortable leads against their opponents in their respective contested elective posts.

The fact that LP mayoralty bets in five towns in the 1st district and four (4) in the 2nd district of Sulu are running unopposed in the coming elections only proves the solid reinforcement behind the leadership of Gov. Tan and his lineup, the MSGG points out. This is the first time in recent if not in the recallable election history of Sulu that so much municipalities have unopposed candidates, MSGG added.

Comelec’s list of candidates dated March 18 shows unopposed LP mayoralty candidates in the municipalities of Patikul, Parang, Maimbung, Panglima Tahil and Indanan in the 1st district and the towns of Siasi, Tapul, Luuk and Pata in the 2nd district of the province.

MSGG deputized trackers also interviewed former Congressman Munir Arbison (Sulu 2nd district) who said that the published survey does not reflect the true situation in the province of Sulu.

Arbison said that out of the 19 municipalities of the province, 18 are all out in support of the LP lineup led by concurrent provincial party chairman and Governor Abdusakur Tan. Only one town is in support of Mayor Abdulwahid Sahidulla of Tongkil, who is now running for governor against Abdusakur Tan II, the son of the incumbent governor. The governor has opted to be his son’s running mate as vice governor.

The former three-term legislator also said that in the 2nd district, 10 out of the 11 municipalities are in total support of his wife, Maryam Napii Arbison, who is running for the district’s legislative post against incumbent Rep. Nur Ana Sahidulla, who has only Tongkil municipality behind her candidacy.

“This is the true and prevailing state of political affairs in Sulu as a whole under the strong and unifying leadership of Gov. Tan,” he said. “In fact Mayor Sahidulla of the PDP and his wife 2nd district Rep. Sahidulla of the NPC have not yet started their campaign with only 16 days left before the elections.”

Meanwhile, the disqualification charge against the candidacy of Governor Tan, who is running as his son’s vice gubernatorial mate is now “moot and academic.”

A machine copy of an order from COMELEC’s Law Department dated December 28, 2013 and furnished DZT, showed the poll body’s ruling to allow the substitution of Gov Tan as candidate for vice governor replacing Erwin Tan, who has withdrawn from the race.

The order addressed to Erwin Q. Tan, which was signed by Esmeralda Amora-Ladra, Director IV of the Law department, read in part: “Pursuant to Section 14 of Resolution No. 9518 promulgated on September 11, 2012 and Minute Resolution No. 12-0990, dated November 6, 2012, specifically Seq. No. 12 on the Concerns/Issues on Withdrawals and Substitution of COC, we find the affidavit of Withdrawal with Substitution in compliance thereto. Hence the Certificate of Candidacy of ERWIN QUE TAN is hereby considered WITHDRAWN effective December 21, 2012, Consequently, his name will be deleted/removed/cancelled from the Official Ballot and the Certified List of Candidates for the May 13, 2013 Automated Synchronized National, Local and ARMM Regional Elections and shall be SUBSTITUTED by ABDUSAKUR MAHAIL TAN for the said position.” Copies of the order were furnished Chairman Sixto Brillantes, Jr., All Commissioners, Comelec Executive director, ERSD, EID, COMSEC, OPES, Sulu, ARMM and REDO, ARMM.