Monsi determined to make difference in people’s lives PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 April 2013 14:38

UNA Disrict 1 congressional bet Monsi dela Cruz yesterday reiterated that he is committed to make a difference in the lives of the people of Zamboanga, especially the poor and the neglected ones.

Monsi, who appears to be the leading candidate in the congressional race in District 1, where he topped the recent survey over his rivals, implored Zamboangueños not to relent in their support for him.

“I am determined to remain focus, in making difference in the lives of our people. With our people and City as my inspiration, I shall serve with dignity in the Halls of Congress as your public servant working for the common good,” he said.

According to Monsi, the schools he has constructed without government funds which are effectively helping thousands of people, giving the people hope and jobs are private initiatives done out of love for the poor.

“The rehabilitated barangay water system in Mercedes, done out of personal funds to pay debts at Zamcelco and kept alive and strong have helped thousands of people in Mercedes and surrounding barangay,” he said.

Aside from that, he said the rehabilitation of the historic Lantaka Hotel Inc. has created jobs and employment, helped in the economy and tourism promotion of our City and contributed to the coffers of the city and national government.

“Also the landmark projects such as the cathedral of Zamboanga, the Centro Pastoral, the schools, hotel and churches are testimmonies of my love and desire to help improve and develop Zamboanga and the lives of our people,” Monsi added.

The servant leader stressed that no amount of black propaganda from his detractor can stop him from doing good, giving hope and making difference in the lives of people.

“Go for change, cambio! The time has come for a new breed of leadership willing to sacrifice for the common good, not for the interests of their families and selfiesh agenda in their quests to hold on to power for the past several years. Enough is enough,”  Monsi emphasized.

“I trust on your wisdom and your choice, as I humbly submit myself to your consideration as your congressman for the !st district of Zamboanga,” Monsi concluded. —  HG