Fabian tops surveys among city government employees PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 April 2013 11:21

It was expected.

Fuerza Zamboanga mayoralty bet Erbie A. Fabian is the choice of majority of the city government officials and employees, including those from City Hall and City Council as gleaned from two surveys conducted silently by some concerned employees.

A reliable source disclosed that the surveys were conducted separately last week and the results showed Fabian getting 70% approval and his opponents sharing the remaining 30%.

“The results were identical with Fabian getting 70 more or less percentage,” confided the source, who talked on condition of anonymity.

A former City Hall official commented that it was expected for Fabian to get the approval of majority of the officials and employees of the city government where Fabian has spent more than 20 years as councilor, vice mayor and mayor for six months.

“He is well-loved by many City Hall and City Council officials and personnel because of his very friendly, open and generous ways,’ said the official.

In the 2004 and 2010 electiona, similar mock polls were conducted in City Hall and City Council where majority approved of Fabian’s candidacy for congressional seat.

At the City Council where the last term congressman stayed for many years as councilor and vice mayor, almost all of the personnel as fond of him.

Fabian’s charisma has likewise come with him when he sat as mayor after the death of the late mayor Maria Clara Lobregat.

“He (Fabian) is very approachable and understanding,” said one City Hall employee.

“Fabian is admired by many city government personnel because he is not bossy and boastful,” said another employee. “Instead he is considerate, but is strict in when it comes to work.”

Fabian was a TV-radio journalist before he was elected councilor in 1992.

His Cuentas Claras TV talk show was well appreciated by TV audience largely because of its public service portion where Fabian has helped many indigent, sick and unfortunate people. Several children suffering from meningosil nasofrontal were treated and operated as facilitated by Fabian. The giving of wheelchairs by Fabian to those who need it badly started in the 1990s and continues up to this date. — FZ