Jawo lambasts Celso in privilege speech PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 January 2011 17:06

“Considering that nobody interpolated me after delivering my privilege speech, I presume that members of the majority belonging to the administration have probably agreed to what I have said.”

Thus District 1 Councilor Cesar “Jawo” Jimenez said in an interview with newsmen after the Council’s regular session yesterday during which he delivered a privilege speech in reaction to the State of the City Report (SOCR) of Mayor Celso Lobregat last week.
In his speech, Jimenez lambasted Lobregat for lack of courtesy and respect “that is ought to be given to the Sangguniang Panglunsod as an institution.”

“Si na casa pa se di atun, el de atun bisita debe dale mira el respeto con el duenio o si kien el ta ocupa conel casa. The mayor was an invited guest during the 2011 maiden session of the City Council. The mayor should not enjoy his privilege to lash out at his critics during his SOCR,” Jimenez said as he reacted on the statement of Lobregat when he named those who are not supporting his administration as heartless and without any regard to the future of the youth.
While delivering his 13-minute privilege speech, many of the councilors from the majority stood up and trooped to the session hall’s comfort room.

“They have been doing this most of the time. That’s why many are calling them as CR boys. I do not know what they are doing inside the comfort room. Maybe they are waiting for instruction from whoever,” Jimenez jested.

Another issue that got the ire of Jimenez was when Lobregat mentioned that one member of the city council (referring to Jimenez) has been making public accusations that his administration doesn’t follow the law and even pestering DBM to issue negative reviews and even asking COA to issue notices of disallowances.

“Is it wrong to visit the regional offices of DBM and COA and seek points of clarifications on some issues? There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. It is everyone’s right to visit these offices on matters affecting public interest,” Jimenez pointed out.

“On the valuation of the real properties, I voted against the ordinance for it lacks the basic requirement of public consultation and basis for the provisions,”  Jimenez said.

The young legislator from Barangay Ayala expressed dissatisfaction on Lobregat’s SOCR for allegedly hiding from the public the real situation of peace and order in the city.

“Very clearly, it is only the mayor and OIC City Police Director who think that our city is safe. I hope it will be better and the best should come,” Jimenez said. — Jimmy Villaflores