Woman in fetus case not Avon employee PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 11:03

Avon, the international firm dealing in comestic and beauty care products, has clarified that the woman arrested by the police for abortion Friday morning last week is not an employee of the company.

In a letter to Daily Zamboanga Times, Louie C. Migne, Director for Communications, Avon Asia Pacific and Philippines, said that DZT’s banner story on the abortion titled “Avon woman caught dumping fetus, is arrested for abortion” has caused great alarm among the management and staff of Avon and “has led us to immediately look into the matter.”

During the course of validation, Migne said, it was found out that the person being referred to in the story (Grace Arce Tomas) is neither an Avon employee nor an Avon Representative.

“We discovered that the woman in question is only under the employ of an independent Avon Representative who is not an employee of Avon,” Migne said.

“Given these, we reach out to you to ask for a clarification of the facts stated in the story and the immediate publication of an erratum. Should this story progress, we would like to ask that your publication refrain from referring to this woman as an ‘Avon woman’ given that she has no direct connection with the company,” Migne’s letter said.

Grace Arce Tomas was arrested by the police at the Avon office in Canelar on Friday afternoon, few hours after personnel of a local hotel discovered a fetus in the toilet bowl of Room 311 where she and two other persons had earlier checked in, according to an official police report.

Tomas’ name was picked up by police investigators from the hotel registry. The hotel’s CCTV (surveillance) camera was replayed and Tomas was seen coming out of the hotel room, police said.