Monsi, Mercy attack Celso on blackouts, gun slayings PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 11:04

District 1 UNA congressional candidate Monsi dela Cruz along with running mate for vice mayor Mercy Arquiza lambasted anew Mayor Celso Lobregat for not doing anything about the blackout and peace and order problem in the city.

“We can assure you that by July if we are elected the main issues that all of us (under UNA) will address are the issues of brownout and the peace and order problem as everyone is concerned and wants electricity, peace and harmony,” said Monsi and Mercy in a press statement,

The two local UNA stalwarts believe that as long as the issues remain unsolved the city of Zamboanga will continue lagging behind other cities and will have no sense of security.

“Definitely business will shy away and investors will go to other cities that have stable power and peace and order,” the statement said.

“So we are challenging the mayor on real issues. Where is governance? The city government under his (Lobregat) administration is not after the welfare of the city, it is only after winning in election,” it said.

According to Monsi, the reality is very different from the picture being portrayed by the mayor who always boasts that Zamboanga is moving forward

Arquiza asked: “If Zamboanga City is ‘adelante’, why are we lagging behind a number of other cities in key social indicators? If things are so good in the city of Zamboanga, why is number of gunslayings, killings and unemployed going up?”

The Lobregat administration is only about making false promises, the statement further said.

Monsi and Mercy mentioned other serious problems in Zamboanga City that Mayor Lobregat failed to address, such as the controversial Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) and the improvement of Zamboanga City International Airport.

“Because of the action of the mayor in cancelling the contract given to RCDG which according to its legal counsel is illegal, unlawful and authorized by law, the project remains in limbo and in the ombudsman case,” Monsi said.

“They’re claiming that they’re close to PNoy, but why our airport is not within the priorities of the national government. It’s a shame to say this,” Arquiza said.

As the midterm-elections draw near, they called on all Zamboangueños “If the Lobregat team is not doing well and if you are not happy because of this brownout problem, because of this unabated killings and shootings and because of other problems then vote for the UNA opposition candidates.” — HG