Fabian hails workers as country’s unsung heroes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 15:53

Congressman Erbie A. Fabian in a statement issued in connection with the celebration of Labor Day today hails the country’s labor force describing them as the backbone of the country’s economy.
Fabian, who said he once came from the labor sector being a former employee of a broadcasting company, called the laborers and workers unsung heroes and important partner in the government’s efforts of attaining economic prosperity for the country.
T”he workers are a vital force that keeps the economic engine running. Neglecting them will slow down the engine, but if you give them what they deserve, they will pull the country fast to progress,” Fabian said.
He said he is aware of the workers woes and aspirations not only because he was once a company employee, but also because he has many friends and relatives who form part of the city’s labor force.
“We know how hard it is to be working as an ordinary wage earner. We know the meager salary they receive and how they stretch it to make both ends meet and send their children to school,” said the mayoralty candidate of Fuerza Zamboanga.
“Despite the tight situation majority of them struggle to keep their dignity intact and manage to undergo all sacrifices,” Fabian added.
He said this is the reason why he has supported all legislative measures in Congress that are aimed at improving the lives of Filipino workers.
“As the country celebrates Labor Day today, let us all contemplate on ways and means to improve the lot of our workers,” Fabian said.
Fabian worked as a disc jockey and radio and television reporter before throwing his hat in the local political arena in 1992.