Jomar assures jobs under a united gov’t PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:04

District 2 Team PNoy congressional aspirant Jomar Lobregat, yesterday assured that once elected into office, he will make prompt decisions on tough bills in congress, relative to labor welfare.

In a radio interview, Lobregat, who gives credence to the sacrifices of ordinary laborers and employees said, “these laborers are the very functionaries of our economy, and their plight should be among my list of priorities, when I am congressman”.

Jomar, who is Mayor Celso Lobregat’s younger brother, however said, that another factor that would surely bring about a good economy is a united government.

“While I believe that employment is one utmost necessity in a given city like Zamboanga, united officialdom greatly contributes to a good economy”, Jomar explained in the vernacular.

Lobregat said, that no investors would be interested to invest in a city where officials cannot see eye to eye, due to political differences.

“A united government can in no doubt, steer its economy well, thereby, luring businessmen to pour in their investment in a city, where officials work harmoniously with each other,” Lobregat explained.

In invoking for a united governance, the businessman-turned politician, took the cudgel of appealing for Zamboangueño electorate, to vote for all candidates of Team Pnoy in both districts 1 and 2, in the coming May 13 elections.

“If all Team Pnoy candidates win, there is no reason for Zamboanga City not to progress, and jobs not to flourish herein,” Jomar assured. — PA