Lady Ann defends hubby, says he is not hiding Print
Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:07

Defending her husband, re-electionist Congresswoman Nur Ana “Lady Ann” Sahidulla of Sulu’s 2nd District cried political harassment on the filing of the case against Mayor Abdulwahid Sahidullah of Banguingui municipality, formerly known as the town of Tongkil, in Sulu.

Rep. Sahidulla said her husband who is running for governor of Sulu is not in hiding. “He is just there because we don’t believe in the complaint filed against him by political opponents. It’s bogus.”

According to the solon, the case filed against Mayor Sahidulla by his political opponent is aimed to ruin his candidacy for Sulu governor in the May 13, 2013 election.

“This is pure and simple a political harassment,” Sahidulla said, referring to the arson case filed against her husband.

“How could he be involved in the arson case since he was here in Zamboanga City when we received the reported burning of houses in my municipality?” Sahidulla asked.

The burning of the houses occurred sometime in 2007 in Banguingui town.

Mayor Sahidulla had earlier said he will not quit the gubernatorial race, adding legal remedies have already been taken by his lawyers.

The police served warrant of arrest against Sahidulla at his house in Newslane Drive, Baliwasan early last month but failed to find the town mayor and his co-accused.

According to reports, two of Sahidulla’s several co-accused were identified as Usman Sahidulla and Sarajs Sahidulla.

The warrant without recommended bail dated March 22, 2013 was issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 25 Judge Alsad Alfad Jr. of Siasi, Sulu. — NS