Labor leader asks employers to treat employees humanly PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:12

Philippine Integrated Industries Labor Union (PIILU) President Jose “Joe” J. Suan has appealed to businessmen and employers in the region to treat their employees humanly and give them the right salary they deserve.

Suan said he has received information that many employers in the city  are not treating their employees well.

He said that many company employees do not have an area for relaxing during lunch break like a dining area wherein they can take their meal or coffee.

Suan was informed that during lunch break, some company employees use the sidewalk to take their meal or merienda sold by sidewalk vendors.

“The worst of all victims are the cashiers of department stores. They stand more than eight hours and working on the cash registers without good setting where they can work relaxingly,” Suan revealed.

He explained that the problem is that employees who are maltreated are not members of a labor group or association and they are afraid to file a case against their erring employer..

Worst is that when the employees file a case against an employer, it will end in amicable settlement, according to Suan.

Suan appealed to the Department of Labor and Employment- 9 to conduct an investigation and ocular inspection on the business establishments in the city so that employers will improve their treatment of employees. – Allen Abastillas