Bust of late CCC now in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 May 2013 10:17

The bust of the iate Mayor Cesar Cortez Climaco, made by Filipino Sculptor Tom Concepdon, is now in Zamboanga.

According to Mr. Sonny Juaquin Cortez, nephew of the late mayor, he will present the bust made of bronze from Rome to the Zamboangueños sometime next week.

“It’s a great honor to know that a Filipino sculptor, Mr.Concepcion, sculpted a bronze bust in memory of my father,” Dr. Cesar Climaco, Jr., son of the late Mayor Climaco, said.

Concepcion was well known for one-man and group-exhibits all over Europe and the USA. He was a true-blue Maranaw royalty, a direct descendant of Sultan Q’udarat, a legendary Muslim leader of Maguindanao fighting against the Spaniards in 1642, on the mother side. Other than being an artist, he was also a known activist, which brought him to agony and ecstasy. He as well entered the Philippine congress, who uttered as the representative of overseas Filipinos. He once said, “So much talk about foreign loans and foreign investments translates into reality only with tremendous difficulties...we should rather tap domestic savings to finance investment growth with the necessary consequence of economic growth. The money holdings of OFW’s can constitute the most significant chunk of our gross national savings, if, and only if we could, as we must, find effective ways to channel these savings from savers to investors.”

The said unveiling of the bust to be done by Mr. Cortez has no particular date yet and the venue is still to be planned. — KCL