Erbie, Fuerza set action plan to end blackouts PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 May 2013 10:19

The number one concern of the city is still the crippling power crisis better known as “blackout”  besetting the city and Fuerza Zamboanga is drawing up a blueprint for ending the power lack soonest, if it prevails in the forthcoming May 13 polls.

Mayoralty bet Erbie A. Fabian said the Fuerza power sufficiency plan will include among others three major components namely aggressive enlistment of private sector capital to invest in power generation, the rehabilitation of the city power cooperative and involve the city government in actively helping procure power agreements for the city.

Fabian said the power situation is not likely to improve until towards the 3rd quarter of this year (July to September 2013) as an independent power producer contracted by Zamcelco can start delivery of additional power only by then, contrary to hasty reports made by the other camp of blackouts being eliminated by as early as this month during the last power summit.

“I have it from very reliable source, power forthcoming will only start coming on stream by August the earliest and this is in fact not sufficient to wipe out the huge 48 megawatts deficiency currently incurred by the city,” Fabian said. “This is a very critical task as we are competing with other provinces and cities here in Mindanao to buy power wherever it is made available by independent power producers, and as it is now we are not competitive against others who are more equipped to sign contracts of power purchase immediately.”

“We in fact have started sounding off possible private sector partners who are more than willing to come in and set up power plants in the city.” Fabian revealed.

The plan will also involve projecting power demand in the next five years forward and recommend possible actions to take to buffer the power reserves of Zamboanga and prevent the occurrence of a similar crisis in the future.

“One thing is definite, we must wean ourselves from the Mindanao grid slowly as Hydro power is diminishing and will not be enough to sustain the growing power demand of Mindanao so we have to start fending on our own,”  Fabian stressed.

“What is happening is the result of poor planning and shortsightedness of local officials in failing to address the power crisis. This is not a new problem but rather one that has persisted over the last five years and nothing has been done,” the solon on his last term in congress added.

“We assure, with a Fuerza leadership, God willing we are committed to end the blackout soonest here in the city. The people deserve much better and expect their local leaders to offer solutions to problems immediately and this we intend to do,” Fabian said. — FZ Media Bureau