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Saturday, 04 May 2013 11:39

JOLO, Sulu — Still hurting from the incident six years ago when his house was razed, his livelihood abandoned, properties lost or destroyed and forcibly displaced from his native place, Hadji Ridwan Omar of Tongkil, Sulu yesterday refuted a news report (DZT, May 2, 2013 issue) quoting Sulu Second District Representative Nur Ana Sahidulla as saying that the complaint against her husband, Tongkil Mayor Abdulwahid Sahidulla, Sulu is “bogus” and simply an opportunity for political harassment to destroy a candidate’s credibility in the coming elections.

“I have personally taken the steps and formally filed the complaint against the mayor (Sahidulla) and the court has determined that there is sufficient probable cause to try the respondent mayor for arson,” Omar said.

“How can it be bogus or fake,” he said. “In fact I am challenging Rep. Sahidulla to convince her husband to surface and confront the charges fairly in court, if indeed he (mayor) is just somewhere in a known area and not hiding.”

Omar is the main complainant in an arson case against Mayor Sahidulla which originated from the incident when Barangay Sigumbal in Tongkil town was attacked by heavily armed men in 2007.  As a result, three persons were killed, some 100 houses were burned, displaced at least 100 families and destroyed properties. A Sulu court has subsequently issued a warrant of arrest against the mayor and several other companions.

“How we (victims) wish to see this case decided and settled through court proceedings the soonest so that justice could be finally served to those who rightfully deserve it,” Omar said.

Omar also clarified that he spent so much time contemplating and weighing the pros and cons before he filed the complaint because, he said, he knew he would be up against a powerful and influential person in Tongkil. And when he decided to do so, he added, it just happened coincidentally during the period of preparations for the scheduled forthcoming elections.

“It took so much time for me to reflect and consult with my family regarding my plan to file the complaint and I was able to muster the courage to push through with it because we thought we have already suffered and sacrificed for long and wanted justice for our family and co-victims,” Omar said.

Omar’s decision eventually made him join the opposition groups clamoring for leadership change in Tongkil municipality through the constitutionally-guaranteed citizens’ right to suffrage in the May 13, 2013 elections. — PR