Cesar Climaco Jr. calls for vigilance vs vote buying PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 May 2013 11:44

Dr. Cesar Climaco Jr., son of the late mayor Cesar Climaco, and running for the congressional seat in District 1, yesterday urged every citizen to be vigilant against election anomalies.

“Do not just rely on the men in uniform, let us take part. Besides, this is our city. We all live here,” Dr. Climaco said.

Climaco went to see the Election Officer of District 1, Mr. Joseph lan Tria, to refer to him  his queries regarding the different anomalies during elections, especially vote buying.

According to Mr. Tria, as far as he knows, no one has been convicted yet in this city for this kind of offence because it is really difficult to prove.

And vote buying is not considered vote buying if the person did not vote for that certain candidate, he said.

“This may be just a minor case, just as Mr. Tria said,” but Dr. Climaco stressed that it is stil! illegal.

“It’s stil! against the law. If it’s just as minor as it is, does it mean we won’t do anything about it anymore? Does it mean we’ll just sit here and forget about it?” asked Climaco .”That’s the thing, we make so many laws but the problem isthe implementation of all these.”

“I asked him (Mr.Tria) about how can the Zamboanguenos help and do a sort of citizen’s arrest on the people who are doing these unlawful acts, and he said one must present evidence. Give a statement, take pictures or alike, testify against it,” Dr. Climaco said.

“If proven guilty of this election offense, the punishment will be around 6 years of imprisonment and it’s non-baiiabie,” he added.

“With the advent of all of these different technologies, why not make use of them to report any suspicious act and help the authorities catch those unlawful men,” Climaco said. “One may take some pictures, videos, or use voice recorders as evidence against them. “Let’s take our part in making our city, Zamboanga, a far better one,” Climaco urged. — KCL