Celso rebuts Agan on black propaganda claim PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 May 2013 14:02

“Telling the truth is not black propaganda”.

Thus emphasized Team PNoy District I congressional candidate Mayor Celso Lobregat as he debunked pronouncements by an opposition councilor that he resorts to black propaganda, meaning concocts and invents stories to discredit political opponents.

Lobregat said Councilor Rommel Agan may be referring to the issue about the opposition’s enticement to a former Zamboanga del Norte congressman to run for mayor in Zamboanga which he (Lobregat) and the Team PNoy bring out during campaign sorties. He said the issue is based on newspaper articles and video clips related to a press conference that the opposition, particularly Agan had together with Romeo Jalosjos in Dakkak in Dapitan last 2011.

“I quote newspaper articles and show videos of news reports, that is not black propaganda. If I read what is in the newspaper, that is not black propaganda. I am reading the November 29, 2011 issue of Daily Zamboanga times that says “Zamboanga City opposition group entices Jalosjos to run for mayor”,  Lobregat pointed out.

The said article states that “former and incumbent elected officials of the city, mostly belonging to the opposition expressed willingness to coalesce with the group of Zamboanga del Norte political kingpin, former congressman Romeo Jalosjos should he decide to throw his hat in the political arena in Zamboanga City in 2013”. The article also named incumbent councilors Agan, Jawo Jimenez and Melchor Rey Sadain—all seeking re-election, together with former elected officials like Manuel Dalipe, son Mannix Dalipe (now running for District II congressman), Juan Climaco Elago and Jihan Edding—both running for councilor as among those present during a press conference called by Jalosjos, held a day after the latter’s birthday on Nov. 24, 2011 at the Dakkak resort in Dapitan. The group, according to the article “is urging Jalosjos to run for mayor”.

Lobregat also quotes another news item, this time, published in Zamboanga Today, November 28, 2011 issue quoting Agan to be sharing Jalosjos’ sentiments “that the city of Zamboanga is not progressing under the present leadership”.

“The article says that Agan during the press conference in Dakkak confided to Jalosjos that Zamboanga City has more than P2B deposited in the bank and then he says “the money is just waiting for the prince charming (referring to Jalosjos) to arrive,” Lobregat said.

He continued: “Is that black propaganda? I am reading from newspaper articles and I am showing video clips that we were able to record from television news reports  where he (Agan) was referring to Jalosjos as the “prince charming”. Is that black propaganda?

The mayor also rebutted claims that he used black propaganda related to the SPCPD (Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development) to win the congressional seat against Agan’s father, the late Mayor Vitaliano Agan in 1998.

“Hinde ba deberasan kay na 1998 election, unu del grande issue was SPCPD? Hinde ba deberasan di suyo tata ta suporta conel SPCPD? Now is that black propaganda? That is the truth, that is part of history, so cosa le ta abla I am a master of black propragada?”, Lobregat retorted.

He emphasized that he never resorts to black propaganda and that he only tells the truth when he brings out issues. — Rey Carbonel