Monsi to voters: If given money get it, but vote for sincere bets PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 May 2013 14:04

“If they will give you money, get it but vote for the candidates according to your conscience.”

Thus advised UNA District 1 congressional bet Cris “Monsi” Dela Cruz in all recent rallies as the campaign period is on the homestretch.

Dela Cruz called on the public to be intelligent enough in choosing their candidates and if his political opponent Mayor Celso Lobregat will give them money, “receive it but vote for the right leaders who can sincerely serve the people.”

He said that if there will any giving of money to voters, the money comes from the people of Zamboanga City and not from the giver’s  own pocket.

The servant-leader said the people might enjoy from few hundreds of pesos for one day and will suffer for years of neglect and poverty.

Dela Cruz also called on the Lobregats not to “treat Zamboanga City as their hacienda” as two of them (Celso and Jomar) are running for congressional posts in the city’s two districts.

He said that Zamboanga City belongs to the Zamboangueños and not owned by anybody who just came in from outside.

Dela Cruz also warned the public on any possible black propaganda and other dirty tricks coming from their political opponents.

“Tiempo ya para cambia! No to the Lobregat brothers! They are too much! God bless us all and Zamboanga City,” Dela Cruz posted in his Facebook account. – Dan Toribio Jr.