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Monday, 06 May 2013 14:06

Fuerza Zamboanga’s Erbie A. Fabian is officially the candidate of choice for Mayor this May 13, 2013 polls, as the umbrella organization of the Police Retirees Association
Inc.(PRAI-9) formally declared they will go all-out and support Fabian’s bid during last Friday’s 1st Anniversary rites of the budding organization at a local Hotel downtown.

In the event with PRO 9 Regional Director Supt. Juanito Vano Jr. as their principal guest, PRAI 9 Regional President Retired Police Cief Supt. Julmunier Jubail has endorsed the candidacy of Fabian and said the group will go all-out to support for the last term solon of District II for the post of mayor.

In their manifesto of support, Jubail said Fabian’s Fuerza backed 10-point agenda has prioritized peace and order resolution in the city, a critical issue which the group can identify with and are willing to help if and when he comes out victorious in the May 13 polls.

“Among the present crop of candidates for mayor, we feel Cong. Erbie has demonstrated utmost sincerity in putting criminality and lawlessness as an urgent issue needing resolution soonest and we feel his comprehensive agenda for the city addresses key issues which are critical to the development of our city,” Jubail added.

Cong. ErbieFabian has demonstrated time and again during his long and illustrious public service in Zamboanga City that he can and will work closely with authorities in matters pertaining to peace and order’, Jubail stressed.

Fabian in turn expressed his gratitude for the support and added that a collective effort is needed to improve the city peace and order situation that Zamboanga can finally move on to other important matters in its drive for progress and development in the years to come.— FZ Media Bureau