Army helps prevent rido in Lanao PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 May 2013 14:07

As embedded in the strategic objective of the IPSP Bayanihan, the Army’s 35th Infantry (Makamandag) Battalion facilitated the resolution of an armed conflict by initiating talks and assisting the family of Mayor Abdulmalik Manamparan who was ambushed last April 25, 2013 in the filing of case at the Lanao del Norte Police Provincial
Office, on Saturday against the perpetrators of the ambush and notfollowing the old practice of clan war (rido).

Talks have been initiated by Col Romulo A. Manuel Jr, 35IB commander, to the constituents and officials of the  Municipality of Nunungan on April. 27.

The said coordination has gained fruitful result when the family of Manamparan decided to pursue legal means instead of running after the perpetrators by formally filing proper complaint against the following personalities Naser Alando, Tamanaan Alando, Pendatun Acub-Alando, Faisal H Soliaman, Aladin H Solaiman, Salahudin H Soliaman, Abul Alando, Opao Olando, Budo Alando, Ayan Alando, Bernal Acub, Bany Alando, Caucad Alando, Palawan Alando and Solaiman Baunto, who were allegedly behind the ambush that wounded Manamparan and killed 14 of his relatives and supporters.

The cases filed were multiple murder and multiple frustrated murder docketed at Lanao del Norte Police Provincial Office under cases number NPS NRSX-03-INV-13E-0068 and NPS NRX-03-INV-13E-0069.

To assist the community, the 35IB initiated dialogues with officials and residents of Barangay Pantar and Inayawan where the alleged perpetrators of the ambush had sought refuge and at the same time pacify several families thereat whose members reportedly evacuated because of fear of possible outbreak of renewed violence between the feuding families. The other Officials and stakeholders in  Nunungan were initiating actions to normalize the peace and security in their locality.