Recodo chair pledges support to Celso, Beng PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 10:39

Recodo chairman Boy Aminullah yesterday minced no words in saying that he is loyally supporting the candidacies of Mayor Celso Lobregat as District I congressional candidate, Cong. Beng Climaco-Salazar as mayoralty bet and the Team PNoy councilors in the coming May 13 elections.

Aminullah’s declaration refuted claims by Crisanto “Monsi” de la Cruz, a Lobregat rival, that the barangay chairman is backing his candidacy. De la Cruz even posted on his facebook account, photos of him and Aminullah together with a council aspirant at a gathering recently.

Aminullah said the photo was taken last May 1 during his birthday celebration at Patalon where the re-electionist councilor, his fraternity brother, arrived tagging along de la Cruz. “I have to welcome them, as a show of respect and while we were talking, de la Cruz’ follower took a photo of us and a few days after the picture was posted on facebook saying that I am supporting him”.

He stressed that welcoming the re-electionist councilor and de la Cruz to his birthday celebration does not mean to say that he supports the latter. “I will tell you the truth, I support Team PNoy because Mayor Lobregat is there and Ma’am Beng is there because they implemented so many projects in our barangay”.

Aminullah said he can never support de la Cruz, as the latter has not proven his worth and has not done anything for the constituents of Recodo. “Nuebo lang ele ta corre, ay kambia yo suporta para conele? Umalin para comigo, poreso mi mensaje con de la Cruz, yo suporta con Lobregat para congressman y Beng Climaco para mayor, no ma ya lang sila pensa kay yo ta suporta kanila. Verdad yo cosa ta abla”.

He explained that he welcomes candidates who visit his barangay out of respect but his loyalty remains with Mayor Lobregat and Cong. Climaco and the Team PNoy. “Si ta anda sila ta respeta yo ta manda yo subi kanila tan istorya yo bueno pero sabe sila yo onde yo ta suporta—no puede sila kambia mio corazon –kay yo otro yo custumbre loyal vote yo,  kien el bueno comigo bueno tamen yo asta muri yo—deberas ta abla yo el verdad.”

Mayor Lobregat has initiated millions worth of projects in Recodo that include the establishment of the REcodo National High School and the construction of the school buildings thereat, construction of barangay hall, community police action center, covered court, fire station and so many others.

Cong. Climaco, on the other hand has undertaken projects that complement the local government’s efforts that include the provision of an L-300 van, conduct of livelihood training projects for the people and other initiatives on security, health and education, Aminullah added.

Few weeks ago, de la Cruz also posted on his facebook account photos of some District 1 barangay chairmen who he said are supporting his candidacy. One by one, the barangay chairman denied his claim causing de la Cruz to allege that his facebook account was hacked by Lobregat’s camp. — Rey Carbonel