Celso mourns passing of San Roque brgy chair PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 10:43

“We have lost a good barangay chairman, a good friend and a very, very loyal supporter”.

Thus said Mayor Celso Lobregat, as he expressed grief over the untimely demise of Bernardo “Cheng” Clemente, San Roque Barangay chairman yesterday, 3 days after he was rushed to the hospital due to massive heart attack.

Clemente, 60, was attending Team PNoy’s rally in Tumaga Friday night when he suffered severe heart attack. He had just dedicated a song for Lobregat when he fainted on stage.

He passed away at around 10:30am at the ICU due to multiple organ failure. Since he was admitted at the ICU, Clemente had several seizures.

Lobregat shared that Clemente’s revival Friday night was a miracle. He said Clemente was clinically dead when rushed to the hospital where doctors applied cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for over an hour during which family members and friends thought Clemente was already dying. A priest was called to perform the anointment of the sick or extreme unction, one of the 7 sacraments in the Catholic Church that constitutes the last rites.

It was barely a few seconds after the priest has left the hospital, Clemente’s vital signs revived, Lobregat recounted. “I had goose bumps and my tears fell. I really witnessed a miracle. Since then we prayed for his recovery. Since then he had several seizures and then every time the doctors try to revive him his vital signs would respond.”

Yesterday morning, Lobregat rushed to the hospital when informed by a Clemente son that the barangay chairman was comatose. At 10:30am, doctors have pronounced him dead due to multiple organ failure.

Lobregat said Clemente’s passing is a big loss not only to the Clemente family but to his constituents in San Roque and to the Team PNoy party. “Bien grande perdicion el muerte di Cheng in the sense that we lost a very good barangay chairman, a very good friend and a very very loyal supporter”.

Clemente was a native of barangay Tumaga. He transferred residence to San Roque in the early 1980’s when he joined the First United Broadcasting Corporation (FUBC), a company put up by the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat.

Clemente has never failed to attend Team PNoy’s rally and would sing on stage a song with lyrics that he personally wrote dedicated to Mayor Lobregat. The song is sang with the tune of Zamboanga Hermosa, the city’s hymn. — Sheila Covarrubias