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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 11:19

Neophyte council aspirant Benjamin “BG” Guingona IV of Team PNoy has called on all registered voters in Zamboanga City, to go out and exercise their right of suffrage on Monday, May 13.

Guingona, who is running for councilor in the city’s 2nd district, made this appeal during an interview with Wild FM’s ‘Buernas Dias Zamboanga’ program yesterday morning.

“Ta apela yo contodo para anda vota na Mayo 13, y asegura tamen que guardiao el di ila cada’y qual voto, porcausa que no bale el suporta que ta promete ustedes comigo y con el Team Pnoy, si hinde ustedes anda vota na Lunes,” said Guingona, who is viewed as council frontrunner in district 2.

Guingona said he has personally seen the situation in the areas where he visited during sorties within the 45-day campaign period.  “Ya puede ya yo personalmente mira, con el situasyon del maga Zamboanguenio, y sabe ya yo si que modo ayuda canila en caso ay tiene yo suerte ahora na eleccion”.

Claiming to have successfully convinced the electorate that age does not matter in politics, the 25-year old former senate staff also made it clear that public service is already second nature to him. He stressed that as part of his responsibilities as former senate staff was to facilitate around P3 million worth of medical assistance to Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC), one of the flagship projects of his uncle, Senator TG Guingona.

“Con este particular proyecto, ya aprobecha, y ta aprobecha pa no solamente maga Zamboanguenio, sinu hasta maga pasyente de maga sercano provincia y ciudad,” Guingona narrated.

Guingona assured that once elected, he can infuse more significant programs and projects for Zamboanga, using his many connections with other national officials, especially, with incumbent senators.

At the same time, the young Guingona also appealed to voters, not to forget his other team mates in Team Pnoy, starting from their standard bearer, Beng Climaco-Salazar, her running mate, re-electionist Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, 1st district congressional aspirant Celso Lobregat, 2nd district congressional bet Jomar Lobregat, district 1 council bets Myra Abubakar, Gerky Valesco, Noning Biel, Charlie Mariano, Dats Sampang, Tito Espiritusanto, Bong Atilano, and Violy Alejandro, as well as district 2 council hopefuls, Mike Alavar, Kit Barredo, Art Onrubia, Vp Elago, Percival Ramos, Eddie Saavedra, and Elong Natividad.— PA