Women chide Cabato for verbal attacks on Beng PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 May 2013 11:19

Some women the other day denounced what they termed as continuous abuse by an opposition councilor against mayoralty aspirant Cong. Beng Climaco-Salazar and the women in general, as they called on the councilor to mend his ways.

The said women were enraged by Councilor Jaime Cabato’s apparent mudslinging and personal attacks against the only woman mayoralty aspiring during rallies and other sorties organized by the councilor’s group.

In one of the rallies recently, Cabato was quoted to have said “el di ila candidata para mayor no sirvi, no sabe decidi” referring to Climaco. In other rallies, the councilor likewise engaged in tirades purposely to demean the mayoralty aspirant.

Lulu Eraham of Talon-talon said Cabato’s attacks on Climaco is uncalled for and is tantamount to abuse on the rights of the lady solon and the rights of the women in general. She said she does not expect Cabato, an honorable man, to utter such words on a woman.

Anablue Dadong of San Roque said the councilor’s actuations speak of the kind of person he is. “Bien umalin para owi el cosa le ta abla cun Ma’am Beng. Honorable se de oficial y mujer si Ma’am Beng y despues ansina le ta abla”.

Elen Salimbot also of San Roque said instead of hurling invectives on Cong. Climaco, Cabato should speak about his accomplishments as a councilor and his plans if and when re-elected into office.

“Puede ba no mas usa se maga palabra ansina? Combersa ya lang le porcausa di suyo maga acomplicimiento y no mas ase de menos el personalidad del maga mujer especialmente del un honorable oficial como si Ma’am Beng?” she asked.

Cong. Climaco, who is the frontrunner in the mayoralty race, said this is not the first time that Cabato has resorted to such tactic. In 2004, when Climaco ran for vice mayor against the councilor, Cabato also hurled invectives on the lady candidate.

“I have big respect for Councilor Cabato pero hinde este el primera vez when he destroyed my capacity as a woman,” Climaco said stressing “a gender expert in 2004 ya abla kay bien umalin akel election porcausa this particular person degraded my virtue as a woman and said insulting words against me”.

As the presiding officer of over 280 members of Congress, she said, manifests that “I have such authority and respect is given to me by congressmen who represent the different districts in the country”.

“Let us not allow other people to destroy our virtues”, Climaco said as she called on all women to never tolerate abuses—in whatever form—committed by men”, she stressed.

As a staunch advocate for the protection of women and children, Climaco vowed to work harder against people who not respect women’s and children’s rights and sentiments. — Rey Carbonel