‘Your days are numbered,’ Fuerza on Zambo peace and order woe PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 May 2013 11:22

Criminality has no place in a decent society like Zamboanga City, therefore let this be fair warning, a Fuerza leadership at city hall, if it is the will of the people means the end of crime syndicates operating here.

Thus was the bold statement made by Fuerza Zamboanga mayoralty bet Erbie A. Fabian who hammered home anew the group’s collective aim of eradicating criminality in the city and restoring back peace and order in Zamboanga.

“The situation here while approaching alarming proportions is not totally hopeless, we all can join hands and work to restore order in our city and to let these bad elements know we will not tolerate one minute more of their stay in our city,”  Fabian said.

“Political will need to start from City Hall and I will provide that plus we will work out a real honest to goodness plan to ensure order is restored in our city. Your political leaders must show the way, the police must be ready to execute our plans and the people must show cooperation and resolve, for after all peace and order is the concern of everyone in our city,” Fabian emphasized.

“‘For so long we have all endured this period of persistent and brazen disregard for the rule of law, many have suffered, others have died and this should stop once and for all, and if God wills and our people concur it starts after June 30 this year. Fuerza Zamboanga and myself have etched this in stone and we vow to see this through with your full support, we all will overcome and see the city peaceful once again for us and the generations to come,” the last termer from the second district exclaimed.

Fuerza has drawn up a blueprint on how to approach the peace and order problem of the city and it will work out the plan with the local police, the barangay leaders and civic groups to remain consistent with its pledge to be a democratic and consultative leadership for the collective good of the majority.

Fabian added that Fuerza has two retired police officers who are instrumental in hatching the plan in the persons of council aspirants Hado Edding, a former deputy chief of police here and Joe Bernardo, a retired top police aviation expert. —FZ Media Bureau