Lilia slams Lobregats on black propaganda PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 May 2013 11:26

Fuerza Zamboanga District 2 congressional candidate Lilia Macrohon Nuño yesterday lambasted and accused her opponent in the Team Pnoy-Adelante Zamboanga group for spreading black propaganda text messages aimed at undermining her popular candidacy,

In a press conference at her residence, Mrs. Nuño revealed that she and her followers have received or intercepted text messages misinforming the recipients that a vote for her (Nuño) will be vote for ARMM and Bangsamoro.

Mrs. Nuño blamed her opponent from the Lobregat group as behind the spread of the text messages as she compared this black propaganda to those used against the late mayor Vitaliano Agan, businessman Lepeng Wee and now District 1 congressional bet Monsi dela Cruz in past elections.

Nuño revealed that before the start of the election campaign, she and the Lobregats had a verbal agreement not to resort to black propaganda, below-the-belt tactics and mudslinging to get the sympathy of the voters.

The frontrunner congressional bet pointed out that the spread of the text messages have obviously emanated from the Lobregat camp.

“It is illogical to blame it on the UNA or other parties...Mannix (Dalipe) respects me and I know he won’t do it,” Nuño said.

She stressed that the Bangsamoro or ARMM issue is a dead issue.  “Why raise this issue... the Zamboangueños have decided in two plebiscites that they don’t want to be included in the ARMM. Why are they using it again? asked Nuño.

“It is a desperate move,” she offered the answer. From the start of the campaign period, Nuño is the most preferred  candidate far ahead of her two opponents based on surveys.

She continued by saying that the said black propaganda could be referring to the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement that the government has signed with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which is a roadmap for the eventual resolution of the Mindanao conflict.

“This Bangsamoro Framework Agreement is a program of President Noynoy which is being supported by Cong. Beng (Climaco-Salazar). Why are they (Lobregats) opposing it and using it as an issue when in fact they should be supporting it because they are in the Team Pnoy?” she asked.

Mrs. Nuño dismissed allegations that if and when she sits as congresswoman, she would not move to defend against any move to include Zamboanga City in the Bangsamoro entity.

“Of course I will oppose any move to include Zamboanga City in the Bangsamoro Entity,” she emphasized.

Nuño appealed to all Zamboangueños not to pay attention to the text messages because they are just intended to sow fear among the people on the Bangsamoro issue.

“My leadership is for everybody, whether Christian, Muslim, Visayan, Lumad or Tagalog... I am for the unity of all Zamboangueños.