Lesser brownouts vindicate Atilano PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 10 May 2013 11:30

Team Pnoy’s 1st district council hopeful Elbert “Bong” Atilano Sr. yesterday expressed vindication over an obvious improvement on the electricity service in Zamboanga City, this week.

Atilano, who was the president of Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) until March 29, 2013, and who used to absorb all blames for long hours of power failure in the city months ago, said that brownouts have been slowly easing out to a minimal number of hours since Monday, May 6.

Atilano said this is due to the entry of 10-megawatt augmentation from Iligan City-based Mapalad Power Corporation, to Zamcelco’s PSALM-fed 36 to 40 megawatts.

Zamcelco had earlier contracted for an 18-megawatt from Mapalad, which is scheduled to be completely delivered by September, this year.

“Este tres para cuatro ora yalang de brown-out, esperanzao menora pa mas, hasta llega el  punto que hinde mas quita tanto sinti, dentro de este semana, si entra ya tamen el otro 10 megawatts, desde el Crystal Power Corporation, so, 20 megawatts ya todo el nuevo omento na presente supply de 36 para 40 megawatts desde el PSALM,” Atilano explained.

However, Atilano said, that unlike Mapalad, which started supplying diesel-fed power to Zamcelco, Bukidnon-based Crystal Power Corporation, is expected to deliver a bio-gas power to the cooperative, “which is cheaper and environment-friendly”.

“Poreso, si ta paga kita ahora P7.70 cada kilowatt-hour, no quita tanto man lingasa na presyo del coriente al entrar este bio-gas desde Crystal, cay barato lang este compara con el diesel power,” the former coop president assured.

The sportsman-turned politician also said, that even if he is already out of Zamcelco and amid his hectic campaign schedule, he does not stop calling the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and Department of Energy (DOE), to follow-up matters that would bring about a total solution to the brown-out problem here in the city, which no less than  the new ZAMCELCO president, Omar Sahi, confirmed and acknowledged in recent radio interviews. — PA