Monsi sees Lobregat as ‘lame duck mayor’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 10 May 2013 11:38

UNA District 1 ongressional bet Monsi dela Cruz yesterday called on barangay officials not to fall onto Mayor Celso Lobregat’s intimidation as the latter is already a “lame duck mayor”.

“He (Lobregat) is a lame duck Mayor whose arrogance is very well known. Tiempo ya para cambia! (It’s time for change!), “ Monsi said.

The servant leader said that “Goliath” should never underestimate the underdog.

“His forced retraction order on the honorable barangay officials is not working,” Monsi added.

According to Monsi, the barangay officials are elected by the people and not pawns indebted to Mayor Lobregat.

He explained the projects given are not Lobregat’s money, “but ours in the form of taxes paid.

“Those whom ‘Goliath told to retract came back to me. They are dismayed by the arrogance of Lobregat pressuring barangay officials to support his bid for congress, insulting them for the projects given to the barangay, as if it came from his pocket and personal fund, when in truth and in fact, it’s people’s money.”

Monsi reiterated Lobregat has become a lameduck mayor with the illusion of his, passing power.

“Now it can be said, the truth of matter, in mind and heart: Capt. Clemente of Barangay San Roque was silently for me. He suffered the attack during the rally of ‘Goliath’ something for the conscience of Lobregat to reckon with in his lifetime. May Capt (captain) rest in peace. Asked many of his dead relatives, he was simply pressured to be with the campaign of ‘Goliath’,” Monsi said. “Well, the judgement day of our people is near! Recibi el sen di Goliath pero vota asegun na de ustedes consciencia!,” he said. — HG