Fuerza ends campaign on high note; people to decide — Fabian PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 10 May 2013 11:38

Fuerza Zamboanga standard bearer District 2 Rep. Erbie A Fabian yesterday declared he and his team awaits the final verdict of the people on May 13, 2013 confident the team has gotten its message through to the people.

“We have gone through the past 40 plus days on a frenetic pace in our grassroots campaign, doing house-to-house sorties and capped by a nightly rally in the barangays and have been overwhelmed by the tremendous show of support from the people in the barangays from as far as Labuan in the west coast and Vitali in the east coast and the response from the people has been tremendous, we are overwhelmed,” the solon who steps down from Congress this June after completing three consecutive terms as second district representative exclaimed.

“At the outset I for and in behalf of our team mates at Fuerza would like to express the group’s and my own profound thanks for the warm reception we got from the people in all the places we have been to. And secondly, we appreciate the masses who attended our rallies for taking the time and patience to listen to what we had to say,” Fabian added.

From the start Fuerza Zamboanga stood on solid ground as it anchored its campaign on its 10-point agenda focusing on the need to address urgent concerns such as the debilitating brownouts in the city, the continuing wave of violent criminal activities, and the excessive collection of taxes and other fees which put a big burden on the people.

Fuerza Zamboanga candidates also adhered to the guidance of Fabian and conducted its campaign on high moral grounds and desisted from resorting to the use of black propaganda.

“I believe this is what we need to educate our electorate to shun dirty politics and to embrace issue-oriented type of campaign now and in future elections here,” the solon added.

He said they are confident the people have heeded their call for change and a new beginning.

Fabian said the group has assembled the best candidates and their track records speak for the integrity , capability and willingness to serve the city if the voters elect them.

“I am making one final appeal to our voters, Erbie Fabian and Team Fuerza Zamboanga are the right choice, the best choice and therefore must be choice of Zamboanga,” the solon added. “We have talked to the people, we have rested our case on our 10-point agenda, now its up for the people to decide on May 13 if we deserve their votes, it is now in their hands and God will bless us all,” Fabian said in parting.— FZ Media Bureau