Jomar vows to always fight for Zambo’s interest PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 May 2013 10:53

Team PNoy’s District 2 congressional candidate Jomar Lobregat vowed never to renege on his commitment to stay firm on the exclusion of Zamboanga City from the anticipated crafting of a peace deal between the government and the secessionist group.

However, he stressed, he is fully supportive of the efforts of the government to strike a deal with the secessionist group—an agreement that is transparent, a subject of genuine and massive consultations and one that is within the framework of the constitution and within the bounds of law.

“We want peace to succeed here in Mindanao, but there are certain conditions, which we in local Team PNoy have to be firm on, and one of this is the city’s exclusion from whatever name and form of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)”Lobregat clarified in a radio interview Friday.

Jomar said this response to queries regarding the Bangsamoro issue, which is expected to be one of the contentious issues in the 16th Congress where he seeks to be a part of.

Being a part of Team PNoy, Lobregat emphasized that he is supporting the president in pushing for a long, lasting peace in Mindanao. “Zamboanga City should be left alone, as its people have twice opted to be out of ARMM”.

At the same time, Lobregat countered one of his congressional rival’s claim, that the Bangsamoro issue is a dead issue, and it should therefore not be used as a political issue in this election season.

“How can the bangsamoro issue be a dead issue, when it is going to be one of President Aquino’s priority bills, when the 16th congress convenes in June 30, this year?” asked Lobregat.

The businessman-turned politician  stated that “this is the very reason why we appeal to you, to vote for all of us in Team Pnoy this coming May 13, so Zamboanga City can be assured that its interests are preserved and protected from other possible attempts to include it in the new ARMM”.

“We in Team Pnoy have jointly signed a contract for unity and continuity which composes an 18-point agenda, wherein topping it is, a strong objection to the city’s inclusion in whatever name or form of ARMM,” Lobregat declared.

Lobregat, who advocates for jobs, order, modernization, agriculture, and respect  (J.O.M.A.R) in his campaign slogan, also calls on voters to elect Beng Climaco-Salazar as their mayor, her running mate re-electionist Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, his brother, outgoing mayor, now 1st district congressional aspirant Celso Lobregat and council bets Myra Abubakar, Noning Biel, Gerky Valesco, Dats Sampang, Charlie Mariano, Tito Espiritusanto, Bong Atilano, and Violy Alejandro of District I and Mike Alavar, Kit Barredo, Art Onrubia, Elong Natividad, BG Guingona, Percival Ramos, Eddie Saavedra, and Vp Elago of District II. — PA