Celso urges voters to go out and vote PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 May 2013 14:11

Mayor Celso Lobregat has urged the Zamboanga electorate to go out and vote today as the country holds the local and national elections to choose candidates who will serve the government from 2013-2016.

Lobregat, who is vying for the District I congressional seat under the Team PNoy at the same time thanked people in the barangays for warmly receiving him and the party during the over 40-day campaign period that ended midnight Saturday.

Likewise, Lobregat thanked his volunteers and all others who helped in his campaign and that of the other members of the local Team PNoy party. However, he stressed work is not yet over, as today, election day, is the start of another gruelling task: ensuring that people freely make their choice, that people cast their votes and that the votes are properly counted.

He called for vigilance to ensure that the electoral exercise will be free from hassles and will be truly honest, orderly and peaceful. All stakeholders should share in the responsibility to guarantee that the elections today will proceed as smoothly as possible, he stressed.

He urged people to report to authorities any observations or any irregularities observed in the course of the elections today.

In 2010, the first ever automated polls have revived people’s sense of participation in the elections but the snail phase voting process has discouraged many and prompted voters to go home.

Lobregat then issued an urgent appeal to all registered voters to extend their patience and to persevere despite the long queues if only to be able to exercise their right of suffrage.

Lobregat is expected to cast his vote early today together with his siblings and children at the Zamboanga East Central School. — Rey Carbonel