Furigay alarmed by rise in drug cases in Basilan PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 14:44

Lamitan Mayor Roderick “Oric” Furigay has expressed alarm over the proliferation of prohibited drugs in the entire province of Basilan, including his own town, with local authorities doing nothing about it.

During the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting held last week, Furigay expressed disgust on reliable information he received that illegal drugs like shabu are easily getting in and openly sold to the public with no one being arrested.

Based on his observation, Furigay said that many of the crimes taking place in Basilan, especially in Isabela City and in Lamitan, have been committed by criminals below 30 years of age who are reportedly hooked on drugs.

“My informer reported to me that most of the perpetrators are in the early 30s and even 17 to 20 years old,” Furigay told members of the PPOC as he expressed belief that illegal drugs have driven them to commit crimes.
While he was away for three months, Furigay observed that the crime rate in his own town went up.

His informer further told him that these people could easily commit crimes because of their connection with some members of the police force.
Because of this, Furigay has suggested to the PNP high ranking officials to possibly impose total revamp of the PNP personnel in Lamitan.

Furigay cited an incident where his municipal guard was shot to death by a policeman.
“This is an indication that there is no harmonious relationship between the law enforcers and the force multipliers. The guard was an employee of the government and was killed by a policeman only because of a minor problem. This should not be repeated in the future,” Furigay pointed out.

As he returned to office as mayor last January 25, 2011 after serving a 90-day preventive suspension, Furigay directed the local police force to strengthen their security measures and “I want them to closely monitor the coming in of illegal drugs.”

“I would be very happy if they could apprehend those involved in the proliferation of illegal drugs,” Furigay said as he stressed that arresting drug pushers would make him satisfy on the performance of the local police force. — Jimmy Villaflores