Drainage, flood master plan in 6 major east rivers pushed anew PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 17:07

Re-elected Councilor Miguel “Mike” Alavar is set to reiterate in today’s city council’s regular session for the implementation of his earlier approved resolution, calling on the city government to adopt a comprehensive flood control and drainage master plan in six major rivers in Zamboanga City.

Alavar’s move is to mitigate possible flash floods that may hit barangays within the vicinity of Putik, Boalan, Manicahan, Bolong, Curuan, and Vitali rivers, respectively, especially now the onset of rainy season, until July or September, this year.

In an interview with RMN-Zamboanga yesterday, Alavar expressed apprehension that both public elementary and high schools in Vitali, might again go underwater, if rains persist, as these schools, apart from being located in low-lying areas, are also near the river.

“Vitali river is very narrow, so every time there’s heavy rains, flood waters put both Vitali Elementary School in town proper, and Vitali National High School in sitio Mialim under water,”  Alavar explained in the vernacular.

Alavar also cited the case of TESDA Vocational School and Vitali lye-in hospital, all situated within a six-hectare government complex, to be suffering the same situation, during rainy season.

“That is why, like what the city government did in Tumaga and other adjacent rivers here in seven-kilometer raduis, there is a long-overdue necessity for the implementation of a comprehensive flood control and drainage master plan, in Vitali, Curuan, Bolong, Manicahan, Boalan, and Putik rivers, to avoid further catastrophe in the future,” Alavar said.

The two-term administration councilor initially suggested for a short-term solution, through widening these rivers, to enable its rampaging flood waters to flow freely.

“I know that transferring the affected government installations to a higher ground in Vitali would be very costly for the city at this time, so, we might as well temporarily, adopt the short-term solution to mitigate the problem, while the long-term solution is still under study,” the entrepreneur-turned politician added.

Alavar’s motion on flood control and drainage master plan, was unanimously approved in March this year. — Philip Abuy