Ban firecrackers? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 16:55

City Health Officer Rodelyn Agbulos said yesterday there is a need to consider banning the use of firecrackers or designate a zoning area far from residential districts where firecrackers can be used.

Agbulos said after the explosions last Friday in which several people were injured and properties were damaged, it high time to discuss this issue of firecrackers, whether to ban them or devise a system where pyrotechnics can be used.

Agbulos said that  any recommendation must wait after the result of the investigation of the task force investigating Friday’s blasts.

Agbulos  more or less 84 patients of two hospitals were affected and distributed to the different hospitals in the city for their safety when the incident happened.

Twelve patients were transferred to the Edwin Andrews Hospital, five to ZAEC hospital, 13 to Brent Hospital and  14 to Western Mindanao Medical Center. Patients injured were brought to the different hospitals — Six to EAAB, two firemen to ZAEC Hospital,  three to Zamboanga City Medical Center, four to WMMC and 14 to Doctors Hospital.

Meanwhile, Agbulos disclosed that the Anti-Rabies Council will hold a meeting at the City Health Office on February 3, 2011. — Allen Abastillas