SCC bares 50% passing rate in Engineer exam PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 25 May 2013 10:58

Southern City Colleges, Inc. announces with pride its 50% passing rate for its examinees who took the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination this May 2013.

The institution’s passing rate of 50% is of course higher than the national passing rate of 42.8%.

The Civil Engineering graduates who took and passed the licensure examination were Engineer Henry V. Dela Cruz, Engineer Zulkifli A. Havier and Engineer Alnimar S. Mudjahirin.

Dr. Rosmindor C. Tarranza, dean of the College of Engineering, recently informed the institution’s President, Edwin M. Caliolio, of the students’ successful hurdling of the board exam.

Owing this achievement to a renewed vigor in the College, Dr. Tarranza’s brand of hands-on instruction and personal concern for his students’ academic progress and comprehension of the subject matter and engineering principles helped pave the way for this success, as narrated by President Caliolio.