Celso twits minority dads on chairmanship issue PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 25 May 2013 10:59

“They can always hope, they can always fantasize”.

Thus said outgoing mayor and 1st district Congressman-elect Celso Lobregat in reaction to the minority councilors’ undying hope that incoming Mayor Ma Isabelle ‘Beng’ Climaco-Salazar, would alter the local political climate by providing equitable privileges among elected occupants at the city council during her term.

After Climaco-Salazar emerged victorious by a wide margin over her rivals after the May 13 elections, known opposition councilors have been expressing hope in media interviews that the lady mayor-elect will infuse a more unifying leadership factor in the city’s legislature, such as granting all minority councilors committees to chair.

Although Lobregat admitted that this issue has to be decided by the incoming administration, he said that, “they (minority councilors) have to realize that these elected administration officials ran under a coalition, with 8 Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) members, 1 from Adelante Zamboanga Party (AZAP), and another 1 from Liberal Party (LP), so I’m sure that Mayor Beng (Climaco-Salazar), will have to sit down with Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, and the 10 councilors, to talk about the reorganization at the city council”.

Lobregat was giving hints that unlike what the opposition councilors expect, Climaco-Salazar could not just decide on her own, when it comes to the issue of granting  committee chairmanships to minority councilors.

Meanwhile, Lobregat brushed off rumors of possible mass transfer of alliance to Liberal Party, by administration councilors, during Climaco-Salazar’s helm.

“As city chairman of LDP, few days before the election period, I, together with Beng and other coalition members, sat down and made a covenant, that there would be no raiding of ranks, so that each party within Team Pnoy coalition can preserve its respective status, even after the elections,” Lobregat explained.

To recall,  that Climaco-Salazar’s LP fielded 4 council candidates on May 13 elections, wherein only Roel “Elong” Natividad made it, while 8 out of 11 LDP bets won.

Re-elected Councilor Vincent Paul Elago was AZAP’s lone council bet in Team Pnoy coalition. — Philip Abuy