US ambassador cites Mindanao resources PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 May 2013 11:11

US Ambassador Harry K.Thomas Jr. told Mindanaon leaders in a meeting in Zamboanga City yesterday that Mindanao is very rich in natural resources which should be managed with good governance for the future of the youth.

“Mindanao with all its resources can power the whole Philippines and other parts of Asia,” Thomas declared.

Thomas was here to grace and launch three USAID projects for the whole of Mindanao. They are: Enhancing Governance, Accountability & Engagement (Engage); Mindanao Health Integrated Maternal Neonatal, Child Health and Nutrition/Family Planning & Regional Project; and Mindanao Youth for Development  (MYDEV).

Thomas told local leaders that they should take good care of the resources of Mindanao and have patience in its  preservation and protection because it is for the future of the  children and theyouth.

“I saw where Gen. Pershing stayed and my government gave projects and focus on infrastructures, agriculture, health and education for the youth. Your Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces are professionals supported by the civilians,” Thomas pointed out.

He said that the rule of law must always prevail, “free from lawlessness, services to the community, give the youth opportunities with well meaning educations,  self employment, religious freedom and progressiveness.” —  Allen Abastillas